About Sofyan

21st Century folk music and dance ensemble

Sofyan Sofyan's unique blend of musical styles arises from the diversity of today's Northern Californian culture.

Their music is original and improvisational but evokes moods and sounds that reach back to ancient traditions of the Middle East, India and Medieval Europe.

Using traditional ethnic instruments in a fresh new way, Sofyan offers a musical prayer of peace, unity and healing to the world.

Formed three years ago as a percussion ensemble to perform with American Tribal Bellydance, Sofyan, whose name refers to a Turkish rhythm pattern, expanded into a world fusion group.

Early in 2004, Sofyan recorded a CD entitled "Mars Raga."

Sofyan is:

Gretchen Gretchen Barton's dulcimer, oud and bamboo flute float lyrically over the rhythm section. Janet Janet DeBar playing Djalu Gurruwiwi's beautiful eucalyptus didjeridu adds the drone of the oldest wind instrument to Sofyan's eclectic sound.
Dave Growing up on '60s folk-rock and influenced by modern trance fusion, Dave Jordan's fretless bass provides a deep tonal basis for their groove. Kaye Kaye Like is studying classical Arabic percussion with Suhail Kaspar, and enjoys exploring unusual instruments such as the Punji from India.

Kim Robinson's grace and powerful stage presence offer a prayer to the divine Feminine using Middle Eastern dance. She studied dance with the Mother of West Coast dance, Jamilla Salimpour and America Tribal with Kajira and Seana of Black Sheep Bellydance.

For their performance at the Art in the Redwoods Festival on August 22, 2004, Sofyan featured special guests:

Leo Leo Barton on electric guitars, and Jacetta Jacetta Nisbet, vocal improvisation.

And for their performance at the Earth Fair on April 17, 2004, Sofyan featured special guests:

Terri Terri Heath-Peters, performing the Orixa dance from Brazil in celebration of the Earth's elements, accompanied by... Dee Master percussionist "Dee" De Longoria.

"Big Wave" Robert Hantzsche, recording engineering and host of Friday evening's world music show "Soundwaves" on The Tide (KTDE 100.5 FM), provides sound engineering for Sofyan.

Look for Sofyan's live CD "Mars Raga"
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