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You'll Be Fine    
Clips (~2 minutes each)    

  1. The Opening
  2. Through the Void
  3. Blessed Journey
  4. Oceans in the Sky
  5. Silence Falls
  6. The House of Bliss
  7. Cloudy Day
  8. Clues to the Source
  9. When the Light Flows In
  10. You'll Be Fine

Gretchen Barton
Janet DeBar
Harrison Goldberg
Dave Jordan
Lynn Stoller

special guest
cover design


dulcimer, oud, bansuri
saxophones, percussion
fretless electric bass
tamboura, swarsangam, synth

Zoë Presley: vocals
PT Nunn

Cloudfire: You'll Be Fine - front cover

All music composed by Cloudfire
Recorded live 2006-7, The Sea Ranch, CA

© 2007 Cloudfire

by Lynn Stoller

You'll be fine, by drawing the line
on the ground, where dialogue
is allowed and posturing not --
unless proudly present
in deep human ways.
Is that why I keep coming
back yet unknowingly willed?

What are the tricks
I have to play to keep
the edifice at bay?
This must be the fun
of being part of the pun
that keeps insanity
away. That is the line
I want to be on all the time.

GO DO IT ! Ma..a.AN
Enactment of any plan
is what's fruitful.


© 2008-2023 Cloudfire

Pacific Woods Studio