Pacific Woods

Reflections, by Pacific Woods

Swarm, by Pacific Woods

Pool of Mirrors, by Pacific Woods
Pool of Mirrors

Sanctuary, by Pacific Woods

Finisterre, by Pacific Woods

Rhapsody: The Best of Pacific Woods

Reflections, by Pacific Woods

Pacific Woods

Harrison Goldberg - tenor, alto & soprano saxophones
Dave Jordan - electric bass guitar

Ron Thompson - guitar synth on #1
Troy Silveira - keyboards on #1
Steven Miller - percussion on #1
Chesmond Jyvonne - backing tracks on #3
Dave Jordan - backing tracks on #5

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Dave Jordan
Cover design by PT Nunn
Copyright © and ℗ 2016 Pacific Woods



  1. To Greet the Dawn
  2. Reflections
  3. Remembrance
  4. Sheltering Sky
  5. Back in the Game

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The most important musical skill isn't playing -- it's listening. Leaving space & time for reflection. And also listening to others -- three of the five tracks on this album are collaborations based on recordings by other musicians, onto which we have layered our own contributions.

Sometimes reflecting on an older work inspires us to venture in new directions. Back in the 1990s, Harrison was a member of Tabula Rasa, an experimental avant-garde musical group in Santa Rosa, CA. The first track, To Greet the Dawn, is based on a recording by Tabula Rasa, with our additions. It's an atmospheric, wild and unpredictable tune. After all, the slate was blank. The center cannot hold, but it's not mere anarchy that is loosed upon the world.

Chesmond Jyvonne's Remembrance is a haunting ballad. Nostalgia for something that wasn't, but could have been. If you hear an homage to Grover in Back in the Game, you're so right. A joyful invitation to celebrate -- get up and dance!


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